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My Predictions For Love Games….

Who will go next week:

I think Freaky Jonathan will leave sadly. As much as he makes me laugh he is just not clicking with the ladies as he should. If not Jonathan ,Nick maybe the one to go as he is now trying to move to team Judi. Kori might send his ass packing.

Which female will go:

I have a good feeling that Sydney will go because she has the least guys on her team. Natalie Nunn will be on the show next week messing about with the guys and we all know how jealous Sydney gets. As we see in the preview, Sydney starts crying and yelling like she usually does. That definitly puts John off and he’s the only strong person she has on her team. I really hope Judi doesn’t go because she is my fave ofcourse. Kori has a strong team so I think she will stay.

My favourites:

My fave couple is now Judi & Mathew, it just seems so genuine between them. So what he was checking Kori out? She was in her damn underwear flaunting her double D’s.. Who wouldn’t look? I really hope they hook up after the show. I follow them both and have seen Matthew Retweet Judi’s love quotes hmmm…. 

Who will win Love Games:

Sadly I dont think John will win just by judging the way he tweets and how he is playing a snakey game. On twitter he talks about flirting and being single. He also tweeted that he loved sydney as friend so i dont think he was looking for love from the beginning. He is still extremly hot <3

I predict that Joey will win with kori because he really does like her. Not only does Kori adore him.. so does everyone else in the house. *Bonus points*

Joey is lovely, funny, kind and cute. He follows me on twitter too so S/O to team Joey. I asked him today how much he like Kori and this is what he said:


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